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08/14/11 02:52 PM #1    

Gard Edgarton

Excellent reunion! Great to see everyone. The Caddy Shack was an awesome choice. Thanks to the committee for all the efforts... Absolutely worth it. (Hoping that those who took pictures will post them)

08/14/11 03:24 PM #2    

Dave Cornelius

What Gard said x 2 - thanks to all on the committee for a great job!

08/14/11 07:06 PM #3    


Laura Witt (Anthonasin)

After talking with many people post reunion. Hands down it was the best time I have ever had at a reunion.  Cost was worth it location was perfect and it was great to see all the beautiful people of "81

Laura Witt Anthonasin


08/15/11 10:42 AM #4    


Ellen Horn (Tatro)

AWESOME REUNION!!!! Wonderful seeing everyone.

Can't wait to see your pictures! Please post them in the Photo Gallery.

08/15/11 11:25 AM #5    


Steven Korneli (Korneli)

I agree with all the other posts. The reunion was great. It was great see everyone. The committee needs a great deal of thanks for putting it together. Thanks for all the hard work.

08/16/11 01:53 PM #6    


Julie LeMieux

The reunion was the best! Thx to all that put it together! Great people, perfect setting. I was amazed how everone hadnt changed, still the same great people in our class. Dave W Thx for the safe ride and the extra cold ones! It was great seeing you and Donna! Best to all...

Julie LeMieux :)

08/17/11 11:58 PM #7    


Laura Ogie

It was awesome to be at the reunion. I'm bummed that I missed talking to a bunch of you. Thanks to Ellie and the rest for putting on a great reunion. Let's do it again in 5 years!

08/21/11 05:31 PM #8    


Michael Day

great reunion really nice to see everybody. what a great class we have. all you roberts girls are still hot! you should have your own calender. thanks for the couch dave w. ithink i fell in your rose bushes.

08/26/11 12:48 AM #9    


Frank Jozefowski

Nice Work Ellen and Company! (They all said you did it)

I would have responded earlier but I just woke up and realized it was August 26th and not the 14th? I don't feel tardy?

I guess that's what a few bottles or twelve of beer at your 30th Class Reunion can do to you. Anyway, it was a true priviledge to be able to participate in such a great Reunion!  It was so nice to see so many of you and catch up and share a story or two! Thanks for all the hugs and hand shakes. We certainly had a great class from K-12 and we still put on a great show today.

For those who would hate to wait 10 more years I have heard of a "mini" 35 year get together so don't hold your thoughts back! I will help plan this time if needed. Let's invite the teachers next time.

$15.00 was very inexpensive for this reunion - nice job again committee! I would have been disappointed if I had missed it.

Wishing all of you the best of everything. Frank



08/27/11 09:39 AM #10    


Goodrich Class Of 1981

WOW!! is the best way to discribe the 30th Reunion. What a turn-out! 250 guests consisting of 185 Classmates! We might be 48 years old, but we can still party!

Check out the Photo Gallery to see Reunion pictures. Please continue to post your pictures, old and new in the Photo Gallery.

Originally the plan was to disconnect the website after the reunion. However, we have received so much positive feedback regarding this website that we would like to renew it for another 5 years.

So far, we have 265 classmates signed-in. 285 have not signed-in yet. Check out the 'Missing Tab' and give them a nudge if you know where they are.

Thank you to everyone that donated towards the cost of the website. If you would like to send in a donation, send to: Goodrich Class of 1981, 1198 Carriage Circle, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

Since the 30th was so much fun, we have decided to have a 35th reunion in 2016. Mark your calendar!

Now that we are all connected through this site, we can keep you informed of any upcoming gatherings and classmate news.

If you have news, or hear of news regarding any of our classmates, please send an email to: and we will inform the class.

Don't be shy, if you haven't already done so, tell us what you have been up to. Don't forget to post pictures.

We have decided not to pursue the tack of creating a Reunion Booklet. So sorry if you were counting on the booklet. The website has everything that the booklet would have had. Don't you just love technology? Can't wait to see what technology is available in 2016.


08/31/11 09:46 AM #11    


Kevin Otte

It was AWESOME to see so many faces at this reunion. Some of you looked like you stepped out of the yearbook; you look fantastic! The years have been kind to many of you. There were several in the crowd with grey on the temples, but that's fine! The Bible calls your grey hair "a crown of glory" so don't hide it. It's OK to have a bit of color. It makes us professionals look distinguished and lends some credibility for our many years in our different careers. At least you only have 'snow on the roof' as the expression goes; all my shingles are blowing off!

I am already looking forward to the 35th reunion (kudos, by the way, to whoever made THAT executive decision) and helping on the 35th reunion committee. Working with such an organized and professional bunch of ladies was a privilege and a pleasure. WE NEED MORE GUYS THOUGH. You know, heavy lifting, climbing ladders, hauling tables, extension cords; manly stuff donchaknow. I'm kidding.

Keep those pictures coming! The photo gallery looks great! There was a lot of flash photography and several I-phones throughout the room so I suspect there are more pics out there. Remember to put captions where provided so we can reminisce until the 35th.

My vote is to hold it at the Shack again. The feedback I'm hearing is it was plenty big to get around to visit, the bar area was equally spacious and the pre-season Packer game was a perk. The opportunity to have a midnight bonfire was a welcome last minute addition for those late night revelers (thanks John W.!) and the banquet area was sufficient. For the 35th there will be plenty of room for wheelchair races and prune eating contests. Hey, we're not getting any younger.

Hope to see many of you before then. Stay in touch! I'm in the book.


12/31/11 10:01 AM #12    


Goodrich Class Of 1981

HAPPY NEW YEAR Goodrich Class of 1981!

Best wishes in 2012 

01/14/12 05:41 PM #13    


Goodrich Class Of 1981

Mark your Calendar

Looking for something fun to do! How about getting together with old friends?

Come on down to
The Shack,
Feb. 18th 7:00 PM
for a Goodrich Class of 1981 Get-Together

12/27/12 04:07 PM #14    


Goodrich Class Of 1981

Happy New Year Goodrich Class of 1981,

This is a very special year for our class. Most of us have just turned 50, or will this coming year! We’ve been watching it approach for some time now – growing closer like a distant sign on a two lane road through the flatlands.

For those of you who are struggling a little with this birthday. Here are some bits of wisdom that will make part 2 of your life more enjoyable:

  • Be picky about the friends you choose. Not all people are worth your trust or heart.
  • The world looks better through an optimistic lens.
  • Diets don’t work. Really.
  • People are not thinking about you nearly as much as you think they are.
  • You are in charge of your life.  So quit waiting for someone else to change so you can feel better.
  • Your parents did the best they could with what they had.
  • No one (or thing) can fill up the empty hole inside of you. That’s your own job.
  • There’s nothing wrong with guilty pleasures, unless you use them wrongly.
  • Spending money on making memories and those things you really enjoy is infinitely better than lots of bargains.
  • There’s no excuse for crappy panties and bras.
  • Eliminate the words should, try, if only, and yes – but.
  • People really just want to be heard and understood. So, shut up and listen.
  • Giving ultimately feels better than getting. Though there’s nothing wrong with getting.
  • Know your values and then make choices and decisions based upon them.
  • There is always a gift in any situation – look for it from the start.
  • You are the ultimate expert about your life. Others’ opinions can be helpful, but they are not gospel.
  • There’s no bad food, just bad portion size.
  • Money equals freedom and choice.  It does not equal happiness.
  • Get rid of anything that doesn’t serve you – clutter, beliefs, habits, bad photos…
  • Cultivate quietness outside and inside yourself so you can hear your Wise Voice.
  • For the love of God(dess), take a dang vacation!
  • Accept the compliments that others give you (and believe them).
  • There is a BIG difference between good and bad wine.
  • Say no when you mean no. And then stick to it!
  • Find role models who inspire you and who guide you in a direction you want to go.
  • Laugh, giggle, hee haw, and hoot, a lot!
  • Flow with change.  Find the way to make it a benefit.
  • Know who you are and what you want.
  • Dream and dream bigger than you think possible – even if other people think you’re crazy.

08/15/16 04:04 PM #15    

Michael McDermott

A huge thank you to the committee for the great job in making the 35th reunion such a success! It was great seeing so many old friends and so many more that I wish I could have talked to. See you at the 40th reunion!

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